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ABOUT US......

We are JKG Consulting Group.

We have been in the software development business for over 30 years.

We develop real world software solutions for real world problems.

Our first entry into the world of Software was a company called Optical Image technology, Inc,

Back in 1989 we developed 2 revolutionary (at the time) software packages designed to replace microfiche and paper filing systems with optical storage of reports, files and paper. Our systems were sold to banks, Hospitals, Insurance Firms, anyone who had a lot of paper reports and needed an effecient way to store volumes of reports or files online. We developed a dealer network across the U.S. and eventually sold the company to one of our larger dealers.

Our next entry was a company called Solutions in Technology, where we developed an Postal Barcoding Software Package. The software was designed to insert the postal barcode onto outgoing mail before it was printed.  Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Utilities used our BarSoft Software to print their statements, etc. saving them thousands of dollars in postage each year. That company was sold in the late 1990's to one of our business partners, who has since re-sold the company to a larger firm.

In the early 2000's we began publishing in print and online niche publications. We developed online and in print guides to Special Events, County Fairs, Sporting Events, Adult Senior Expos and more.

We have been developing custom software solutions for small to medium sized companies ever since.

Our Deep Web Searh Platform is the latest innovation by our team of expert developers.
With Deep Web Search, users can find People, Places, Social Media Posts,  Video and Photo Sharing Sites, do Background Checks,  find the Online Fingerprints of people, places events, venues anywhere on the internet.

Our Deep Web ad Search Platform allows users to search for classified ads on all the popular online classified sites with one search. One search with find results on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Letgo, Offerup, and even on individual websites  as specified by the user. Users can even do background searches and receive notices by email or text when an item is listed that matches their search criteria. 

We are very excited with the release of the Deep Web Search Platform. Just as Optical Image Technology revolutionized the world of Optical Storage, Deep Web Search is the new revolution in the world of interactive searching.

Please contact me if interested in learning more about our Products and Services .

We will continue looking for new and innovative ways to help our viewers find the information they are looking for online. and once again thanks for letting us take care of all your Online needs!


Jim Guthrie
208 W Hamilton Ave box 244
State College PA 16801